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Why do attorneys refer clients to us every day over our competitors?

Great individual service. Each client is assigned an associate and gets his or her cell number to reach anytime for any question

We get you funding when other companies often take days or weeks to get you a 'no', we're aggressive. We work hard to get you a 'yes' and to provide you with the funding you want as quickly as possible, with a personalized one-on-one approach with every client. This is why every client receives the personal cell phone of the AppleTree associate assigned to them.

Nationwide funding at your fingertips

Since we fund just about every kind of case - call us to see what we can do! If we can't fund it, we'll turn you over to someone who will.

We do fund in 45 states nationwide. The reason we don't fund in Alabama, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Illinois, is that almost no one does due to legislation in those states. In most cases, we can get an Illinois case funded, and sometimes a North Carolina case only over $25,000.

Call us, we'll either directly fund you, or we'll save you a lot of time by shopping your case to our network of funding companies.

Every underwriter, like all industries, have their specialties they like to fund. The key is to bring the right case to the right funder so we can get you the amount of funding you want at a great rate and as quickly as possible - usually 2-3 days; sometimes within 24 hours.

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