Do I Qualify?

The Answer is Yes, if you answer yes to the following:

Do I Qualify For a Lawsuit Loan

1. Your case must be on contingency.

Cases must be represented by a law firm on contingency basis. That is, the law firms gets paid only when and if the claim wins. The law firm repays us when your case is meritorious, after you, the plaintiff, and their fees are accounted for.

2. Your lawsuit should have a substantive injury involved.

Medical records, and/or treatment should clearly demonstrate how you were injured.

3. Prior funding(s), if any, not excessive.

You must not have too much advanced to you from prior, if any, fundings against your lawsuit pending.

We fund to a maximum of approximately 15% of the total value of your claim. This is industry standard. The reason for this, is we want the bulk of your proceeds from your lawsuit to come to you upon settlement, and from the settlement even if you have to account for any advances received prior to settlement.

If you've answered yes to these three you will most likely be approved as long as you have a good case & haven't had a huge prior advance.

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